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My Ideas

As your new Mayor, I will lead with courage, openness and a clear vision. I’ll make City Hall inviting and dynamic – a place 
that works hard, and works for everyone.

For the past three years, I’ve been listening to Victorians. What I’ve heard the most is that Victoria’s a terrific place to live, but it’s getting expensive. I’ve also heard that the current leadership at City Hall is not doing nearly enough 
to nurture, inspire and lead a great city.

Some things I’ve heard from the younger generation:
     - They are having a hard time making a good living
     - They want to see innovation at City Hall
     - They want more bike lanes, green spaces and community gardens

Some things I’ve heard from their parents:
     - They don’t want their kids to have to move to Alberta 
for work
     - They want to be able to afford to retire in Victoria

They want the City to spend their hard-earned tax dollars better

As your new mayor I'll act on these concerns. Please visit the about me page to learn more about the values that guide my actions.

As your mayor I will:

  • - Listen. I am open to new ideas and will meet differing views with a spirit of collaboration.
  • - Make evidence-based decisions and encourage innovation, even in the face of "We've never done it that way before."
  • - Take decisive action on a bold vision to move Victoria forward for generations to come.
  • - Lead with a vision, and with a plan!

As your mayor I will:

  • - Make better decisions on spending and infrastructure projects to ensure better outcomes and accountability.
  • - Support business by replacing layers of red-tape with common sense.
  • - Provide simple, timely processes to move citizens' ideas from talk to action.
  • - Communicate city business in a clear, transparent and understandable manner.

As your mayor I will work to make Victoria's Downtown and Neighbourhoods:

  • - The heart and lifeblood of the city.
  • - Destinations and great places to live.
  • - People-centred with public spaces that are alive.
  • - Centres of economic activity and prosperity.

As your mayor I will:

  • - Foster and support local innovation and local talent.
  • - Attract and support businesses by creating an 'open for business' spirit at City Hall.
  • - Build strong relationships with neighbouring communities and other levels of government.
  • - Help to make the city affordable and work to improve the lives of its most vulnerable citizens.
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