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My Ideas

There is greatness bubbling just beneath the surface of Victoria. We are fortunate to live in this remarkable place. Yet, during my term on Council I've come to see that business as usual is no longer good enough to keep up with the needs of a changing and growing city. City Hall could be doing much more to understand the problems and their causes, and commit to solving them.

As your mayor, I will work hard with you to face today's challenges with your input and common sense solutions. I'll roll up my sleeves and make City Hall a place that listens to, and works, for you. This will lead the way to a city of opportunities. Imagine what Victoria would look like if we truly enabled the imagination and talent of its residents and business owners. I'll work together with you to unlock that potential.

Courageous Leadership

  • Listens, and is open to new ideas and meets differing views with a spirit of collaboration.
  • Makes evidence-based decisions and encourages innovation, even in the face of "We've never done it that way before."
  • Takes decisive action on a bold vision to move Victoria forward for generations to come.
  • Leads with vision, and a plan!

A City Hall that Works

  • To make better decisions on spending and projects to ensure better outcomes and accountability.
  • To support business by replacing layers of red-tape with common sense.
  • To provide simple, timely processes to move citizens' ideas from talk to action.
  • To make all people feel welcome and heard.

A Vibrant Downtown & Thriving Neighbourhoods

  • Are the heart and lifeblood of the city.
  • Are destinations and great places to live.
  • Are people-centred with public spaces that are alive.
  • Are centres of economic activity and prosperity.

A City of Opportunities

  • Fosters and supports innovation and local talent.
  • Attracts and enables new businesses.
  • Builds strong relationships with neighbouring communities and other levels of government.
  • Is affordable and works to improve the lives of its most vulnerable citizens.
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